Hugh Riley video game history







Jan 2009-present WBGames Seattle WA USA

Art Development Director

Collaborating with Art Directors, TAD's and EP to plan, schedule and drive art production. Responsible for all project art administration including strategic planning, risk assesment/mitigation, pipeline development, schedule organization, task assignment/tracking, workflow direction, resource balancing, presentation, outsource process/contracting, artist mentorship/career management, art team support and performance review. Additionally have managed strike teams, controlled the hiring process for art and key directors and performed onsite due diligence reports on external developers.




2007-2008 Backbone Entertainment Vancouver BC Canada

Studio Art Director

Established the art vision and content for new product and supervised all art production. Responsible for project planning, resource estimation, art budget and salaries, establishment and maintenance of pipeline/tools, scheduling, collaboration with external clients, content review/approval, performance management and mentorship. Worked closely with all levels of management to allocate and manage art resources to ensure the production and integration of top quality art in a timely manner. Created collaborative central services for UI, Concept and Technical Art.



2004-2007 Bethesda Softworks Rockville MD USA

Lead Character and Animation Artist

Character and Animation Lead on Fallout3 preproduction and Senior Artist on Oblivion. Designed, modeled, textured , rigged and animated creatures for Oblivion. Led a team of character artists on Fallout3. Responsible for planning, prototyping and implementing character pipeline. Scheduled and supervised the production of all assets for characters/creatures, hair, clothing, armor, weapons/projectiles. Designed rig/facegen and supervized all animation. Worked with engineers throughout preproduction to design and incorporate new functionality. Ensured assets were coherent, economical, practical and in line with the game art vision and design. Other responsibilities included outsource review, interviewing, training, mentoring and reviewing artists and documentation.


1999-2004 Legend Entertainment Chantilly VA USA

Lead Animation and Character Artist

Responsible for planning, creating and implementing character model creation and animation on Unreal2 and Unreal2XMP. Supervised the animation and character/weapons modeling team to ensure timely delivery of usable assets. Tasks included 3D character and weapon modeling, rigging, animation, animation system scripting, scheduling and mocap costing. Worked with programmers to create a unique blending tool to integrate character animation under artist control. Responsible for training and mentoring new character artists.


1997-1999 Bethesda Softworks Rockville MD USA

Lead Artist/Lead Animator

Lead artist/lead animator on Morrowind preproduction and Senior Artist on Redguard. Responsibilities on Redguard included 3D character modeling and rigging, texturing, 2D and 3D animation, UI artwork and design. As Lead Animator/joint Lead Artist on Morrowind preproduction, designed and implemented the character animation system and was responsible for producing and supervising character modeling, texturing and animation. Created and rendered the preproduction demo.


1996 NMS Software Walsall UK

Senior Artist

2D and 3D art /animation and UI on Risk, Battleship and Mass destruction for Hasbro.


1995 -1996 Academy Software London UK & Athens GR

Art Director/Partner

Designed, created and produced an original, innovative, interactive 2D TEFL CD on PC and Mac published by Simon and Schuster for sale to language schools. Responsible for all artwork and animation.




1990-1995 Keyhole Design/Probe Software Athens GR & London UK

Independent Contractor

Under contract to Probe Software of London produced game design, 2D level art, sprite animation, UI and mapping on high profile AAA products across multiple formats (PC, Snes, Sega Megadrive, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64) including Incredible Hulk, Back to the Future 3, Robocop 3, Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles Arcade, Aliens 3, Mortal Kombat 2 and Aladdin.


1988-1990 Vivid Image Ltd Watford UK

Art Director/Partner

Creative Director, founding partner and artist responsible for art and animation on Hammerfist and Time machine (Amiga/Atari ST/Konix/Commodore 64/Spectrum/Amstrad) under a publishing agreement with Activision. Other responsibilities included contract artist supervision, tool design and payroll.



1986-1987 Keyhole Design/System 3 Manchester & London UK

Independent Contractor

Under contract to System 3 Software of London and others, produced game design, 2D level art, sprite animation and UI for high profile AAA products on Commodore 64, including Last Ninja 1, Last Ninja 2 and Predator.



Pre 1986

Early Computer and traditional art.

Watercolor sketches, portraits, C64 keyboard graphics, early C64 demo scene, TV print and advertising commissions.