Male Body/Female Body:

All non-creature NPC's in Fallout3 are variations of the player meshes. In early experiments I tried morphing between 3 body types - Normal, Built and Fat - for each gender. The 'Fat' variant was discarded early as being too close visually to 'Built' and experiments were made with non-uniform scaling to give character variation. Ultimately only one mesh was used for each gender, composed of a head, 2 hands and a body. The neckline was low and the wristline high to hide joins within clothing as far as possible. It was decided early on to consider clothing for Fallout as a full outfit plus hat and gloves to avoid the complications of matching complex components. Left arm clothing had a variant that was pinched to allow the PipBoy to be worn convincingly by the player.

final meshes and textures by Hiu Lai Chong